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Molar broken below the gum line

User Level:
Posted by: mynameisbaby  (3 years ago)
Hello everyone,

I chipped one of my upper molars three years ago. Since there was no pain during that time, I just let it go. Little by little, the tooth got looser and looser until I was able to pull it out with my finger. However, I left a part of the tooth below the gum line. I thought, it will be reabsorbed by the body but now it hurts so bad. How does the dentist remove a tooth that broke off below the gum line?

Thanks for your replies!
User Level:
Posted by: burgundy  (3 years ago)
Hi Baby!

They will numb you. The dentist uses special instruments to take the remaining part of the tooth out. Have it removed as soon as possible before the gum covers it completely.

Good luck!
User Level:
Posted by: wantgarnet  (3 years ago)
Hi there!

The root will fuse to the gum surrounding it so it has to be taken out. The dentist will drill what was left of the tooth and grab it with special instruments then pull it out. You won't feel a thing if you are numbed properly.

Good luck!
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