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Is there a way to cover up silver fillings?

User Level:
Posted by: stockholder  (3 years ago)
Hi everyone!

I got silver fillings in a few of my teeth, top first and second premolars, two top molars and 3 bottom molars. I got them when I was younger. Now that I am already in college, I began to become conscious about them. I felt so embarassed. You can see them when I talk or laugh. I wanted to replace them with white composite fillings but I heard they are very expensive, they require more work to be done and they are not as durable as the silver ones. Is there a way to cover them up to match with the color of a natural tooth?

I need your inputs please! Thanks!
User Level:
Posted by: hadbotox  (3 years ago)

The only way to have them look better is to have them replaced with a white composite fillings.
User Level:
Posted by: gummysmile  (3 years ago)
Hi there!

The only way to make them look like your teeth is to change them with white composite fillings. It requires more work to be done and it can be costly but the result is worth it.