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Dissolvable Stitches

User Level:
Posted by: slimmerme  (3 years ago)
Hello everyone!

Ten days ago, I had my wisdom teeth removed and the surgeon put in dissolvable stitches.

I still have the stitches in my mouth. They are loose but they have not separated fully from my gums yet. They move around when I drink and eat and they feel abrasive to my tongue. Will they fall out on their own? How long do they take to dissolve after a dental surgery?

Thank you so much!
User Level:
Posted by: babytooth  (3 years ago)

Dissolvable stitches are placed to stop future bleeding after tooth extraction. They can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks to dissolve on their own.
User Level:
Posted by: inpain34  (3 years ago)
The sutures take at least a week to dissolve depending on the person and on the location of the wound.