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Black lines around the base of teeth

User Level:
Posted by: pineapplebaby  (3 years ago)
Hi all!

Lately, I noticed black lines around the base of some of my teeth. My gums are not swollen; they do not hurt as well. The black area has reached half of some of my molars. I do not have a gum disease. I am very careful with my dental hygiene. I brush and floss every after meal. I was wondering what causes these black lines. How can these be removed? Thank you for your help!
User Level:
Posted by: silverlady  (3 years ago)
Hello Pineapplebaby!

It is most likely a tartar or calculus buildup below the gum line. It becomes exposed when your gums recede.You cannot get it off on your own, you should go to the dentist or hygienist for professional cleaning.
User Level:
Posted by: mariandong  (3 years ago)

Black line stains on teeth are caused by dental plaque. Dental plaque is caused by improper brushing, not brushing regularly, little or no flossing, snacking before bedtime without brushing or a combination of these. You should go to the dentist or dental hygienist to remove the plaque build-up.