Pickup Technique in Implantology

Dental Implantology: The Pickup Technique The pickup technique is a variation of the implant impression used in dental implantology. In the picture you see a specific two-part impression rod for the pickup technique. One distinguishes between two techniques for implant impression: the pickup and the reposition technique More about that in the implant impression video. [...]

Implant Punching

Grafik einer Zahnimplantat Stanze

Implant Punching in Dentistry In dentistry, punching is a synonym for a number of minimally invasive surgical techniques. Implants can be exposed using punching techniques. At this point, we would like to show you a video clip in which implants are exposed using punching methods. In the video "Punch" you see a female patient who [...]

Bone Healing in Dentistry

Bone Healing in Dentistry: Significant Advancements New trends on bone healing measurements The healing of bone fractures is a lengthy and complicated process, which has to be occupied and monitored. Only this way a satisfying healing of fractures can be assured. It is important to know the toughness of the healing fracture for choosing the [...]

Surgical Drapes for Operations

Surgical Drapes for Dental Operations Surgical drapes are used to ensure sterile conditions during surgical procedures. They are used as an underlay and/or cover for the patient. You can see various disposable products in this image. There is a distinction between disposable and washable products. Washable surgical drapes and towels should only be washed by [...]

Directional Pin in Implantology

What is a Directional Pin in Implantology? The directional pin is a supportive parallelization device used during an implant. In the picture you see a directional pin. It is usually packaged and sterile within the implant set. The dark lines are length markings that help with orientation. In the film "directional pin" you see a [...]

Reposition Technique in Implantology

Dental Implantology: The Reposition Technique The reposition technique is a variation of the implant impression used in dental implantology. You see a specific impression rod for the reposition technique. There is a distinction between the two techniques in implant impression: the pickup and the reposition technique More about that in the video entitled "Implant Impression". [...]

Titanium Abutment

What is a Titanium Abutment? Abutments are small implant attachments used in dentistry. In the video "Titanium Abutment" you will now see how provisionally cemented crowns are removed from the tooth stumps. One of the crowns is an implant crown and is supported by a zirconium abutment. The abutment’s fixation screw is loosened and the [...]

What are Implant Positioning Templates?

Implant Positioning

Positioning Templates for Implants Positioning templates serve as aids in implant prosthetics. They help with the accurate positioning of abutments. In the animation "Positioning Templates", you see a tooth implant anchored in the bone. A transition piece is mounted on this implant. This is called an abutment. The abutment is the link between the dental [...]

Vicryl in Dentistry

What is Vicryl used for in Dentistry? Vicryl is the name of a sewing material that is frequently used in dentistry because of the outstanding level of comfort it offers the patient. Various sewing materials are used in oral surgery. They are used to close up wounds.  Generally, a distinction is made between absorbent material [...]

Zirconium Abutment

The Use of Zirconium Abutments in Dental Implantology Abutments are small implant attachments in dentistry. Abutments serve as connectors between the implant and crown. Abutments can be made from titanium or ceramic. You see a titanium abutment sticking out from the gums. Zirconium abutments are usually used in the front of the mouth because they [...]

Ankylos in Dentistry

Implant System - Ankylos Ankylos is a common implant system used in dental implantology. You can find out more about implants in the following videos: Implant Implantation   Click here to see the video: Ankylos   Google+

Implantology and Prosthetics

Implantology and Prosthetics: Types of Dental Prosthesis and Implant Fixations What do the terms “fixed artificial teeth”, “conditionally removable dental prosthesis” and “removable dentures” really mean? Fixed means that you cannot take the artificial teeth out of your mouth; they are firmly affixed in the mouth. In this case, the proper term is not “dental [...]

Titanium Allergy

Illustration Mensch der Infektion abwehrt

Does Titanium Allergy Exist? We read about so-called 'Titanium Allergies‘ more and more often There’s still no description of an allergy or intolerance to titanium to be found in scientific literature yet. Neither is an allergy test (epicutaneous test) currently possible, due to a lack of standardized reagents. Nevertheless patients are often led to such [...]

What Are Implants?

Illustration von einem Zahnimplantat in einem Modell

A Clear Description of Dental Implants Dental implants are made of titanium or ceramics, inserted into the bone, and assume the function of dental roots First of all, a definition of terms: Dental implants are made of titanium or ceramics, inserted into the bone, and assume the function of dental roots. Depending on the initial [...]

Antibiotics in Dental Practices

Tabletten in einem Kopf aus Glas

Antibiotics are among the most often prescribed medications in dental practices. Antibiotics are understood as medications that either kill or hinder the growth of microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, or parasites. When antibiotics are prescribed, the individual should strictly differentiate between preventive and a therapeutic administration. Preventive administration is especially considered before surgeries in [...]

Prevention of Infectious Endocarditis

Körper mit Herzkreislauf System und Herzschmerzen

Prevention of Infectious Endocarditis During Dental Operations Infectious endocarditis can be prevented during dental operations with the use of antibiotics The hypothesis is that bacteria enters the blood stream within the course of medical interventions (bacteremia) and can potentially evolve into infectious heart muscle inflammations in patients with risk factors. It is assumed that prophylactic [...]

Bone Augmentation and Dental Implants

The Process of Bone Augmentation in Dental Implantology How bone augmentation works in order to allow the insertion of dental implants. If there is not enough bone available for dental implants, then bone augmentation surgery is able to recreate sufficient bone bedding. Many a time, after long-term tooth loss or focuses of inflammation, the diagnosis [...]

Master of Implantology

Grafik mit Ärzten um Zahnimplantate

What is a Master of Implantology in Dentistry? Master of Implantology – a supplementary title for dentists Is a dentist with the qualification ‘Master of Implantology’ better able to do my implant than a ‘normal’ dentist? Master here, Master there, Master everywhere. We often read of additional titles such as ‘Master of Oral Implantology’. These [...]

Teeth Setting on Implants


Teeth Setting on Implants: What differences exist and what needs to be considered? Get to know the different requirements, usages and possibilities for each case Implants must first be placed in the bone. This process is referred to as an implantation. Today, minimally invasive techniques are the standard. One of these is the so-called stamping [...]

Root Canal Treatment vs. Tooth Implants

Kugelanker auf Implantat und Zahnwurzel

Which Is The Best Option - Root Canal Treatment or Tooth Implants? A tooth with a well done root canal should last a lifetime! One hears horror stories about “dead” teeth, i.e., teeth that have undergone a root canal. As an aside, “dead” teeth do not exist; teeth are minerals and are thus always “inanimate.” [...]